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Naruto meets Natsu by DevilishMirajane

If you have been following :icon345rv5: for some time, you should know ownership of the series we used to work on has changed to mine alone. If you're late (like myself with this announcement) with the reasons why my partner quit this series, look here:…

Now, because I'm going to do the bulk of the writing now, the style is going to change drastically. 
:icon345rv5: style is simple, quick, and much like a manga. I'm on the other hand, more used to narrative, descriptive methods of writing. 

This is also my first time heading a project like this. I'm still getting help from my former partner, but I have more direction and writing now. If any fans of this series has any suggestions, please leave them here for me to see. 

Now, here some of the older style of writing in the story: 
(Chapter 1)

"As you know, this mission could be our breakthrough into finding out what the Baram Alliance was up to. Whatever they're planning is a serious threat to the entire kingdom. They control the underworld; all Dark Guilds, with the exception of Raven Tail, are under the control of one of the three. At the moment, the alliance consists of only two guilds following the disbandment and dissolution of Oración Seis. If we capture some bandits or the leader of the group attacking, we can take them into custody and extract information from them and we can finally bring down this alliance." Erza explained to the group.

"I see, then count me in. I've been wanting to take a crack at these dark guilds for a while" Gajeel stated as he walks up to join the mission.

"Count me in too, I want to be of help as well.." I said to Erza.

"Of course you're coming along with us. Out of everyone here, you've seem to have improved the most overtime in Fairy Tail. In less than Six Months, you've rose to being a member of Fairy Tail's A-Rank Mages. Your immense magic power and your summonings have proven useful to us Lucy, and the fact you defeated a member of Thunder Tribe and Oración Seis proved your strong enough to aid us." Erza explained to me, complimenting my skill level.

"Geez, I can't believe I'm being praised like this." I stated blushing at the thought I'm getting praised.

"Yeah Lucy, you really have proven to be very strong in just the last 5-6 months. Hell, it's safe to say, you've surpassed me in power." Macao stated, parsing me.

"Lucy, you'll do great in the upcoming S class exam" Mira said to me.

"Me, S-Class exam?." I asked confused .

"Yep pretty soon, around 4 days from now, there would be the S-Class exams" Mira explained to me.

"Am I really that qualified to be in such an exam?."  I questioned them.

"We'll talk about that more later, right now, me, Lisanna and Elfman have to visit our folks within Clover Town." Mira said to me as she was preparing to leave.

"I though your parents died." I stated.

"We have a distant uncle and aunt that we visit during the holidays" Mira replied as Elfman and Lisanna were heading over to visit their family members within Clover Town. Clover Town was 25 miles northeast of Magnolia Town and we're still paying off damages to the Guild hall due to the lullaby incident and the ecological damage from the several mountain tops leveled by Lullaby.

"Don't worry Lucy, we'll be back in 2 days." Elfman stated as he had has bags packed with Lisanna at his side wearing a nice blue dress.

Now, here's the newer style (preview of chapter 5):

Makarov stands before the Magic Council in a shock. “The disbanding of Fairy Tail?” he says  with a cold sweat suddenly running down his face.

“Yes. The amount of collateral damage caused by your guild costs almost enough to build a small town a many times over.” Gran Doma stated. “The war you waged on Oracion Seis was atrocious, almost resulting in the release of Nirvana on the world. Even if the opponent is a dark guild, you are not to combat them. My reports say that Fairy Tail and its allies planned to strike first in that incident as well, unlike when Phantom Lord declared war. I have even heard from one of my Rune Knight Commanders that your members even attempted to resist the arrest of Jellal Fernandes, the same man who destroyed the former magic council, built the R-System, forced the firing of Etherion, and even the attempted reviving Zeref. Had it not been for the common sense of Erza Scarlet, and Jellal’s own cooperation, your Guild would have been disbanded outright. You have absolutely no excuse, Makarov. You are lucky enough that we are even offering you a chance to bring back those destructive hethins you call your children. The only reason we have even considered that is because Org believes they can be of scientific value to the magic world, maybe advancing us years ahead of where we already are with the advent of portals, and what may lie beyond them.”

“In a sense, you can almost call Fairy Tail ‘an accidental dark guild’. Ridiculous. We’ve never had to deal with anything quite like this before your guild was around.” says another member of the council, seated to Gran doma’s left. He picks up a few phone books worth of documents. “If you don’t believe what Gran doma just stated, take a look at these.”

Makarov took time to absorb everything that had been said to him.

“Damn, it seems everything I’ve done wrong as guild master came back to bite me in the ass.” He thought to himself. “My children are stuck in god knows where, and getting them back costs the place where we all call home. Not even with Jose, Ivan, or Laxus have I misjudged this badly. I’ve failed... Fairy Tail.”

Please leave a comment if you have something to say about the different styles.
I'd also like to thank 
:iconAkela-Nakamura: for agreeing to help edit this story, like I have done for my last partner.

Check her stuff out if you like literary art:

Cover art:…
I should get to drawing a cover to this series myself. Or, if I had the money to, pay someone to do it for me. If there are any takers on that, it'd be appreciated to let me know. 


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